B.S. in Geographic Information Science and Technology

B.S. in Geographic Information Science and Technology

GIST BS is modular in design and requires students to take core courses to obtain exposure to knowledge areas and topics. Students must also select a track (i.e., specialization area) that permits them to obtain expertise in a fundamental application area of GIST. Each track has required and elective courses, and each student must also take directed electives. In this way, the program provides students with a broader exposure to GIST courses and application domain knowledge.

The three tracks include an emphasis on:

  1. Computation, analysis and design (CAD)
  2. Earth and environmental systems (EES)
  3. Human systems and society (HSS)

GEOSAT affiliated faculty in Geography are improving courses and the curriculum of the program by regularly updated course topics, laboratory exercises and including the new use of geospatial data and geospatial technologies to demonstrate important concepts while supporting technical training and hands-on experience.

This program provides high-impact learning experiences to all students through theĀ use software technology exposure, hardware technology exposure, geographic information science and technology curriculum, skill-set and computer programming exposure, and student usage of GEOSAT resources (e.g., software, computer, storage and visualization capabilities).

140 students are currently enrolled in the program and 50 have graduated with a GIST BS.

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