Campus GIS Support

Campus GIS Support


The Texas A&M GeoSAT Center offers GIS support for all members of the TAMU community. Broadly, these are broken into the following categories. See each section below for details.

  1. Getting and Running Desktop GIS Software (ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, etc.)
  2. Accessing and Using ArcGIS Online
  3. Getting and Using ArcGIS Server/Enterprise/Portal
  4. Building and Maintaining GIS Databases
  5. Developing and Deploying Web Maps
  6. Getting GIS help
  7. Learning GIS
  8. Doing GIS Analysis, Building GIS Workflows, and Developing GIS Programs


All TAMU students are permitted to use ArcGIS software at no cost under the TAMU Esri Site License agreement. TAMU faculty and staff may also be provided to ArcGIS access as their departments and supervisors permit.

ENVI is also available to TAMU students.

Click on one of the following links for information on how to obtain access to Desktop GIS software:

  1. Esri ArcGIS Pro
  2. Esri ArcMap
  3. ENVI


All members of the TAMU community (faculty, staff, and students) have access to TAMU’s Enterprise ArcGIS Online (AGOL) instance –

Using AGOL, you can quickly create and share maps, field data collection apps, story maps, and many other useful WebGIS services and products.

You may want to review our AGOL FAQ for information on how to create an TAMU ArcGIS Online account and access TAMU’s AGOL instance.


TAMU faculty, staff, and students can access Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise line of products to create their own ArcGIS services and databases which can be made accessible to the public of privately within their organziation.

If you need assistance obtaining, licensing, configuring, deploying, or operating your own ArcGIS Enterprise stack of services in your classes, operations, or research, please schedule an appointment to discuss options for assistance.


Texas A&M has more geographic data than many cities in Texas. Our campus maintains numerous accurate and diverse geographic data sets which can be used in research, teaching, and outreach.

If you have data  you would like to make available, schedule an appointment so we may help you get your data out there to facilitate high-quality educational experiences and impactful research.

If you are seeking data please schedule an appointment to discuss data release agreements and options.


Creating and publishing web maps is one of the best ways to get your work out into the world.

TAMU has access to the full suite of ArcGIS Online (AGOL) publishing tools, as well as many other free and/or open source options including MapBox, Google Maps, etc.

If you need assistance publishing your data, or would like to build WebGIS into your research, teaching, or outreach, please schedule an appointment to see what options best fit your needs.


Need GIS Help?

The TAMU GeoSAT Center is filled with faculty, staff, and students who have many years of experience teaching, learning, and doing GIS.

If you are trying to get something done, and you are finding it difficult, rest assured, it is not you – everyone struggles.

A team of under/graduate GIS students and GIS staff are available via appointment 9-5 Central Time, Monday – Friday (excluding University holidays and closures).

To setup an appointment for GIS help, your first step should be to email to begin the helpdesk process.


Want to Learn GIS?

The TAMU GeoSAT Center offers several types of GIS training including:

  1. Ad-hoc one-on-one HelpDesk support
  2. Regular and ad-hoc topical GIS short-courses for small and large groups
  3. Regular and ad-hoc in-class guest topical lectures

To reserve or design a training session to meet your needs, please schedule an appointment to find out what options are available.


Please see our FAQ list to see the most common questions and answers about TAMU GIS software, licensing, configuration, and usage.

GIS Support FAQs