Accessing ENVI

Accessing ENVI


What is ENVI?
ENVI (an acronym for “Environment for Visualizing Images”) is a software application used to process and analyze geospatial imagery. It is commonly used by remote sensing professionals and image analysts.

How to access ENVI?
All TAMU students can access ENVI via Texas A&M VOAL under the “Geosciences” Option.


1. Login in to the TAMU Virtual Open Access Lab (VOAL) by using your NetID at the follosing website:

* Note: By clicking on “VOAL Setup Information”, you will see step-by-step help for downloading and installing the VOAL client based on your type of PC.

2. After login in, you will choose to either download VMware Horizon Client program or use web access. Start the download process and do your work. When finished, save all work and log off of the VOAL. If using an application, simply close the application. There is a Step-by-Step Instruction on how to download VOAL to your Mac.

3. Open your VMware Horizon Client and log in, then choose Geosciences Option.

4. After connecting to the Geoscience VOAL, do a search ENVI in the search bar; you will find the program here.

5. Click the program and you are ready to go!