1) Research Theme Priorities

1. Education Technology

  • Haptic
  • Visualization

2. Geospatial Data Science

  • Algorithms and analysis
  • Computational intelligence
  • Information synthesis
  • Management and storage
  • Visualization

3. Human-Environment Interactions

  • Natural hazards
  • Public health
  • Socio-Economic
  • Urban Environment

4. Natural Resources

  • Ecosystem resources
  • Precision agriculture
  • Water resources

5. Planetary Science

  • Surface science (Mars, Moon)
  • Robotics and missions

6. Sensor & Data Acquisition Systems

  • Intelligent navigation
  • Intelligent data acquisition
  • Lasers and LiDAR systems
  • Unmanned aerial systems
2) Expected Team Research Tasks
  • Recruit faculty, staff and students to become GEOSAT affiliates to expand the number of people involved in geospatial research.
  • Establish a multidisciplinary research team from multiple departments and colleges across campus.
  • Work with the Director and Associate Director of GEOSAT to establish a research agenda over a five-year period that highlights the presentations, publications and research proposals that will move each research team forward.
  • Include GEOSAT budget items into research proposals to support management, analysis, and hardware and software licensing expenses.
  • Provide information and graphics highlighting research activities and accomplishments for display on the Center’s website.
  • Produce an annual itemized listing and description of productivity to the Director of the Center to facilitate reporting requirements.
  • Regularly communicate with the governing body of GEOSAT to explore the use of new geospatial technologies in ongoing and new research initiatives.
3) Anticipated GEOSAT Team Support
  • Research proposal writing support
  • Business administration support for funded projects
  • Access to all Center hardware and software resources
  • Project and data management support
  • Financial support to enable team meetings
  • Additional hardware and software support as needed (new software, dedicated hardware).